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Contributing to COVID-19 Prevention with PPE Supplies and More

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Since March 2020, countries across the world have been using as many resources as possible to get ahold of PPE supplies and COVID-19 commodities. As a business, we made it our aim to partner with our team of reliable manufacturers and suppliers to provide everything we could to those in need.

What PPE was Provided?

More than ever, Aid Agencies, Governments, Research Institutions and beyond have come together to provide crucial health care products to fight back against COVID-19. Unimed joined this battle within the first four months of lockdown by procuring and delivering over 25 million face masks, 1,000 Oxygen Concentrators, 3.3 million VTM transport swabs, 2.3 million surgical gowns, and over 13,000 CPAP helmets.

With how often face masks have been needed since the outbreak of COVID-19, this was a key product for us to focus on. People were running through masks quicker than they were being created at first, and this is where we worked with our manufacturers to increase access to healthcare products. With sustainability in mind, Unimed targeted the often-missed gap in how face masks and other medical supplies were being transported around the world. We did this by still maintaining cost-effective routes such as sea freight and train transport where we could, as this is an important staple piece within our business morals.

Where Did the COVID-19 Products Go?

Considering transport was scarce as the world came to a standstill, we exceeded our expectations by working tirelessly to provide for 23 countries. Families were desperate for life-saving essentials such as face masks, gloves, and more. Not only this, but hospitals and health organisations needed our support in treating patients and bringing people back together. Our team sent products such as 3.5 million aprons, 1.2 million boot covers, and 250,000 visors across the globe. Countries included hard-to-reach areas such as Haiti, Thailand, and Armenia. These countries were a procurement target for us as they needed assistance in fighting back against the virus, as well as other healthcare emergencies. We also supported the US region and Europe, including the U.K., France, Italy and as far as Alaska.

What are We Currently Doing to Help With the Continued Treatment of COVID-19?

PPE supplies that we use every day aren’t the only product in demand, as the likes of Low Dead Volume Syringes and medical necessities are still being procured at a rapid speed. We will continue to churn our reliable services into whatever is best for the people, with guidelines put in place by different governments and those in charge of individual countries. The fight doesn’t stop, and we never will. We see those that need healthcare products more than ever and we won’t rest until we help as many people as possible.

If you want to assist us on our healthcare mission, please get in touch via our contact page.

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