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Quality is an integral part of our business model. At Unimed, our Quality Assurance team ensures that the rigorous process of product and supplier selection are in adherence to defined international standards and regulatory requirements. This rigorous quality standard is also embedded in our process, systems and staff ensuring quality services to our partners and clients.


Unimed is registered in UK, and certified by the MHRA. Click here to see our certifications.


Our Quality Management System complies with the WHO Model Quality Assurance System for Procurement Agencies (MQAS). The internal quality system focuses on our premises; equipment, financial systems and human resources, anchored by policies and standards. Our external quality assurance system encompasses all the core activities related to sourcing and delivery of the health products. Rigorous quality standard are maintained throughout the supply chain from the product assessment and prequalifiaction of manufacturer, to the procurement process leading to shipment, transportation and delivery. At Unimed, we only work with manufacturers approved through international requirements and standards such as WHO/ SRA/ ISO/ CEmark) where applicable. We also conduct relevant quality audit on manufacturers, where the international standards are not applicable. 



Our pride in customer satisfaction is reflected in Unimed's positive culture of continuous improvement. Working in challenging environments and dealing with an evolving healthcare industry, we strive to keep abreast in the business and keep up with the changing environments through training, updating of SOPs etc. We value feedback on our performance from both manufacturers and customers to help us serve our clients better.

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