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How Unimed Supplies Emergency Trauma Kits and Fulfils Smaller Enquiries

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

As a procurement agent, Unimed supplies medical products and equipment to local organisations, charities and research institutions. From large to small orders, the team can adapt to whatever order size our partners require. With smaller quantities of products, Unimed collaborates with manufacturers that can provide small, quality orders at an affordable price.

Anne Mayfield, Procurement Officer, has the responsibility within Unimed to combine her industry knowledge with product research to understand exactly what the client requires for small orders. Emergency lead time is crucial and the business believes that goods should be supplied to those who need them, no matter if the order is large or small.

Where Do Unimed Supply Orders to?

With the aptitude for working with manufacturers and suppliers across a variety of countries, our company also focuses on sourcing goods to the UK. Recently, the team has sourced healthcare equipment to charities within the UK that distribute the products elsewhere. This has mainly consisted of first aid products that people need help to get hold of, especially with a quick turnaround and affordable price. Items include medical bandages, foil blankets, safety tape, burn shields and more.

Who Has Unimed Recently Worked With?

Unimed is extremely proud to have recently worked with Save the Children, the humanitarian aid organisation for children across the world. They have helped the lives of over 2.3 billion children in multiple countries by providing them with medical care, educational resources and more.

For Save the Children, Unimed gathered the information for the small products required and created both an Emergency Trauma Pack (ETP) and a Personal Trauma Pack (PTP). The ETPs have been supplied for people that are stepping up to assist in first aid circumstances to help others respond to trauma. The pack contains a range of products for initial medical management, including items that can be used for major trauma, hostile attacks or natural disasters.

The bespoke PTPs contain products that can easily be transported and carried around to respond to personal trauma.

Save the Children are distributing the kits supplied by Unimed to countries, including Ukraine as millions need emergency assistance.

How Can You Work With Unimed?

To work with Unimed as a partner, please reach out to the team by emailing, calling +44(0)116 4648400 or filling out an enquiry form here.

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