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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is instrumental in protecting healthcare professionals from harmful substances and preventing the transmission of infections.

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven just how effective PPE such as face masks can be in slowing the rate at which highly contagious viruses spread by preventing infection, therefore saving the lives of countless individuals.

Driven by its mission to support a healthier world, Unimed strives to provide secure and cost-effective international PPE procurement services, delivering a range of healthcare and medical supplies globally.

What Are Examples of PPE?


PPE is routinely utilised in healthcare settings to reduce the risk of micro-organisms being transmitted from patients to healthcare staff or others in the same environment.

There are different types of personal protective equipment that should be used based on the risks of transmission in a given environment and the type of exposure anticipated. These include:

  • Gloves

  • Long-sleeved Gowns

  • Face Visors

  • Surgical Masks

  • Aprons

  • Eye Goggles

The Role of PPE in Humanitarian Aid


PPE played a significant role in protecting health workers providing care to patients with Covid-19 at the height of the pandemic, acting as a critical resource that allowed staff to continue to assist those who were most in need.

And as Covid-19 as well as other infectious diseases continue to be a threat for populations in developing countries, the importance of distributing PPE supplies to countries that struggle to access them continues to be at the forefront of humanitarian efforts.

There are a number of populations globally that battle continuous virus outbreaks, and that do not have the necessary medical commodities needed to manage the crises effectively. When administering care, healthcare professionals or crisis volunteers may become infected themselves, contributing to the continued spread of viruses.

PPE will continue to be an indispensable resource to increase resilience and preparedness for developing countries, helping work towards eradicating viruses and diseases.

Meeting Your Procurement Needs Effectively


Unimed has supplied quality, affordable PPE supplies to over 44 countries across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, partnering with aid and charitable organisations to support humanitarian relief missions and humanitarian aid projects.

With a focus on helping to build healthier communities and spotlighting the importance of preventative measures, Unimed seeks to partner with like-minded entities to deliver its vision and provide effective assistance to those in need.

Acting as a single source of responsibility to respond to clients’ different needs and actively relieve pressure from NGOs and charities, Unimed’s procurement model differs from that of others in the field, offering unparalleled transparency, flexibility and safety.

How We Work

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Are you looking for a specific product, set of products or bespoke kits? As leading PPE providers, we will work collaboratively with our manufacturers and suppliers to meet your PPE procurement needs quickly and effectively.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to enquire about our products and services

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