We partner with many manufacturers and suppliers from around the world to achieve our mission of providing effective health products on a timely and cost-effective basis. From regular partners to one-time orders, we aim to work with you for whatever you need. Our manufacturers and suppliers assist us in making this happen.

Our Manufacturers and Suppliers play a lead role in providing the world with Universal Health Care. Between us, our professional teamwork and strong communication allows us to provide efficient and reliable procurement to our partners. 


We decide on which of our Manufacturers and Suppliers to contact depending on our partners. This is so we can source the required health care products from the most cost-effective and efficient location to the partner. 


We have a communicative collaboration with all those that we work with, as this helps us support each other in the journey to make it the world a healthier, happier place. From creation of the products to delivery arrangements, the Unimed team are with the Manufacturers and Suppliers every step of the way. This is through approval of products and tracking of delivery using GPS Data Loggers.


If you’re a Manufacturer or Supplier that aligns with Unimed’s ethics, efficiency, and quality, please fill in the enquiry form below so that we can look into working together to provide our partners with the very best products. 


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