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As experts in healthcare products procurement, Unimed has a wealth of experience in sourcing and supplying quality health products to countries and institutions worldwide.

We are aware of the vital role general laboratory consumables can play in protecting the health of those affected by humanitarian disasters or medical emergencies, and work with an extensive global network of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we offer nothing short of the highest standards of quality and service.

Medical laboratory reagents and consumables are essential to our mission to make the world a healthier, happier place. Take a look at some of our procurement products here:


  • Glass Bottles

  • Pipettes

  • PCR Tubes

  • Cylinders

  • Hotplates

  • Microcentrifuge

  • Specimen Containers

  • Microscopes

  • Scales

  • Freezers

  • Water Baths

  • Ethanol

  • Methanol

  • Acetone

  • Diethyl Ether

  • Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Potassium Permanganate

  • Sodium Hydroxide

  • Sulfuric Acid


Why Unimed

Our extensive experience as a procurement service agent enables us to understand and comply with our partners’ requirements to the highest of standards, ensuring we achieve continued customer satisfaction.

Having provided common laboratory consumables and reagents to over 44 countries worldwide, we can accommodate any request, no matter how complex.

We work with our clients to develop robust, long-lasting relationships based on trust and transparency, becoming their sole point of contact for all their healthcare products procurement needs.

Unimed regularly partners with governments, development organisations and aid agencies, sourcing and delivering essential health products globally with versatility and adaptability, effectively meeting the needs of all parties involved.

How We Work

Enquire Now 

Are you looking for a specific product, set of products or bespoke kits? We will work collaboratively with our manufacturers and suppliers to obtain the laboratory consumables and reagents you need quickly and effectively.

Please don’t hesitate to fill in a contact form to enquire about our products.

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