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A life-saving, irreplaceable ‘medicine’, medical oxygen is necessary to treat a number of respiratory illnesses, as well as being essential for surgical procedures and to support vulnerable individuals.

Due to its complexity as a product, the safe procurement of high purity oxygen that meets technical specifications can mean encountering a number of challenges.

Unimed operates with a flexible, innovative approach that aims to change ineffective procurement practices, prioritising quality and transparency for the benefit of communities who are in need of precious medical commodities.

How Are Medical Oxygen Supplies Used?


Medical oxygen became indispensable at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, helping manage particularly difficult cases and improving the quality of life of those who had contracted the virus.

However, medical grade oxygen is required in a number of areas in healthcare, including heart failure, treating asthma and pneumonia and maternal and infant care, as well as for anaesthesia, resuscitation and oxygen therapy.

Individuals suffering from certain conditions may also require continuous supplies of oxygen, and often different types of oxygen therapy equipment, in order to supplement their breathing, which may be a significant strain on resources for countries who may already be struggling with supply shortages.

Why Is Medical Oxygen Procurement Essential?


Research has shown that up to 122,000 deaths from childhood pneumonia could be prevented each year by increasing global access to oxygen supplies, though this is no easy feat.

Oxygen shortages are threatening the wellbeing of a number of populations globally, with the Covid-19 pandemic causing a significant increase in global demand, though this may have simply uncovered pre-Covid failures, according to the WHO.

Reliable procurement is essential in helping increase access to medical oxygen, equipping countries that are struggling with accessing medical supplies with what is an invaluable, irreplaceable resource.

Increasing global access to essential commodities such as medical oxygen can go a long way in strengthening health systems and improving the standards of care in these countries, a goal of utmost importance.

Enlisting the Help of Procurement Experts


With the UN Supplier Code of Conduct at the core of its operations, Unimed prioritises reliability, transparency and integrity, with the ultimate aim to support a healthier world and promote the accessibility of essential medical commodities such as medical oxygen.

Operating from a number of strategic locations around the world, Unimed has an international presence, partnering with governments, development organisations or aid agencies and other entities to source and deliver emergency aid supplies globally.

As part of its humanitarian aid efforts, Unimed takes part in a number of humanitarian relief missions, as well as educating others on the importance of effective, innovative and reliable procurement in addressing lack of accessibility to resources in parts of the world.

How We Work

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