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As a renowned UK-registered provider of first-class healthcare products, Unimed has delivered a range of supplies including vaccine kits and vaccination supplies to over 44 countries globally.

With a leading presence in the field and extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, Unimed is acutely aware of the importance of vaccines in building a healthier world.

To deliver this vision, Unimed partners with like-minded aid agencies, development organisations and research institutions as well as governments, working with cost-effectiveness and transparency in mind to supply the products needed.

Why Are Vaccination Supplies Important?


The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly been instrumental in showcasing the importance of vaccines in preventing vulnerable individuals from getting sick, showing us exactly why vaccines are essential, and not just in developing countries.

However, it is precisely developing countries with weaker health systems and vulnerable communities that stand to lose the most when faced with the absence of appropriate immunisation strategies, most often due to a lack of supplies.

Diseases with the potential to be fatal such as hepatitis A, B, polio, measles and tetanus can all be successfully prevented with vaccines, thanks to which many never have to deal with the possibility of becoming infected in their lifetime.

Nevertheless, populations in developing countries continuously struggle with outbreaks of diseases that could be prevented, making vaccine supplies indispensable in supporting a healthier world.

The Role of Vaccination Supplies in Strengthening Health Systems


Countries that are able to reap the benefits of resilient health systems have seen certain diseases be completely eradicated thanks to vaccines and other preventative measures, though the same cannot be said of others, who are still faced with outbreaks of life-threatening diseases and illnesses.

While many tend to focus on treatment, especially where this is urgently required such as in humanitarian relief missions, delivering supplies designed to enhance preventative and immunisation strategies can contribute to building healthier communities and future-proofing resources.

Helping more individuals access vaccines and other forms of prevention can essentially solve the problem at the root, and providing the right equipment at the right time is vital.

Why Choose Unimed for Your Procurement Needs


As leaders in the healthcare procurement field, Unimed has a wealth of knowledge of the role of vaccines in safeguarding the wellbeing of populations, and continuously seeks to educate others on the importance of increasing our global vaccine supply.

Unimed is aware of the role vaccines play in prevention, becoming involved with a number of vaccine projects, expertly supplying syringes and vaccines as well as accompanying equipment such as ultra-low freezers, vaccine carriers, alcoholic wipes, sharps containers and immunisation cards.


Unimed has an in-depth understanding of vaccine supply chain logistics and what it takes to deliver effective vaccine delivery projects. With medical procurement services being crucial in our battle against viruses and illnesses, Unimed seeks to stay ahead of evolving needs and be prepared to adapt no matter the circumstances.

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