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Surgical items are of vital importance in allowing medical professionals to safely perform a variety of medical procedures.

With extensive experience in healthcare and medical procurement, particularly as part of humanitarian relief and aid missions, Unimed fully understands that quality surgical items are nothing short of indispensable in certain circumstances.

Following the UN Supplier Code of Conduct, and with reliability, transparency, and affordability at its core, Unimed seeks to support a healthier world while promoting the accessibility of essential medical commodities such as surgical items.

What Are Surgical Products?


Surgical items are used to perform specific medical procedures, enabling medical professionals to carry out surgeries or operations safely and practically.

Depending on the procedure, different surgical items are required, without which some become extremely difficult, or impossible. Types of surgical instruments include:

  • Scalpels

  • Needles and Sutures

  • Retractors

  • Scissors

  • Forceps

The Role of Surgical Items in Humanitarian Crises


Surgical supplies can be of significant help in supporting humanitarian efforts in emergency situations, such as when countries are hit by natural disasters or affected by conflicts.

For populations that do not have stable access to resources, tending to wounds and performing operations that may be essential is not a without its difficulties, with some having to rely entirely on humanitarian relief missions and emergency medical equipment being provided.

Emergency trauma packs containing surgical disposable items have proven to be instrumental in helping with major trauma, allowing medical professionals to tend to significant injuries that may otherwise deteriorate and lead to death.

Highlight the vital role of surgical supplies are instances where severe wounds cannot be treated due these being unavailable, meaning that even where medical staff or trained volunteers are prepared to provide aid, they may not be able to perform life-saving procedures.

How Can Unimed Help?


Having delivered a range of medical consumables and surgical items to over 44 countries globally, Unimed has extensive knowledge of what is required to procure safely and effectively, transforming the procurement model by eradicating inefficient practices.

Prioritising quality, security, transparency and adaptability over profit, we adapt to any client’s needs, working tirelessly to supply the necessary commodities in a quick and cost-effective manner.

A leading surgical item supplier, Unimed regularly partners with governments, development organisations and aid agencies, acting as their single source of responsibility, sourcing and delivering products as well as managing the consolidation of orders and providing logistics services.


How We Work

Contact Unimed

Are you looking for a specific product, set of products or bespoke kits? We will work collaboratively with our surgical instruments suppliers and manufacturers to obtain the surgical items you need quickly and effectively.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to enquire about our products and services

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