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How the Medical Procurement Industry was Impacted in 2022

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

2022 has seen many demands and push-backs for the medical procurement industry. With inflation on the rise and humanitarian disasters striking the media, it’s been key to power through any obstacles. Here are a few ways in which the medical procurement industry was impacted.

Supply Chain Resilience

According to a survey described on Supply Chain Management, “Procurement has improved resilience across all sectors in response to Covid-19 impacts regardless of supply chain visibility”. Situations such as global lockdowns in 2020 forced businesses into taking decisive action, including future risks. The higher the risk management a company has, the easier it is to adapt and avoid unwanted possibilities.

At Unimed, we pride ourselves in monitoring risk mitigation which allows us to plan ahead as much as we can. Our strong partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers in countries such as the US, China and India was an essential part of supplying over 65 million medical face masks and 29 million LDV syringes to countries during and after the pandemic.

Real-Time Reactions to Humanitarian Crises

With humanitarian crises having an impact in 2022, such as Russia’s actions against Ukraine, medical procurement agents have had to act rapidly and responsibly. From wound kits to trauma packs, we’ve contributed to the accessibility of medical products throughout states of emergency and beyond.

Providing quality products at an affordable price is important to Unimed, as well as supplying medical essentials exactly where they need to be. Our Founder and Managing Director, Shameet Thakkar, built Unimed from the ground up with a mission of providing equal access to healthcare products for all. This is an underlying factor of how we respond to humanitarian crises, as everyone deserves to live a healthy life with access to medical care.

Unimed Became an Industry Leader

Having been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for International Trade 2022, the team has grown leaps and bounds since established just several years ago. Now providing to private healthcare organisations, and continuing our work with charities, ministries of health and research institutions worldwide, Unimed became one of the medical industry leaders within procurement.

We hope that this year, Unimed can become even more involved with humanitarian relief and transporting medical commodities across the world. If you’d like to be part of our mission as a partner or manufacturer/supplier, please reach out to us here.

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