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What are Our Sustainability Efforts at Unimed?

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

As a business, it’s crucial to know the answer to the question on everyone’s minds: what are sustainability efforts? Even more importantly, how are we implementing sustainability at Unimed Procurement?

Sustainability efforts are built of economic, environmental, and social pillars that aim towards helping the present without sacrificing the future. As well as this, it aims to ensure that humans and the Earth can co-exist in a long-term, positive way. More than likely, you’ll recognise sustainability as recycling plastic bottles and cardboard boxes, which is more than encouraged on the path to creating a better world.

Implementing Sustainability Efforts at Unimed

As a company, we focus on providing procurement of medical products to build a healthier world. We’re registered in the U.K, with teams in China, India, Dubai, and South Africa. Therefore, it’s important to us to have sustainability efforts at the forefront of our business. Not only do we provide health care products across the globe, but we purposefully do this in the most sustainable way possible.

Localising Procurement

As a business, we commit to localising procurement. For example, if we are providing goods to Haiti, we work extremely hard to find US suppliers rather than Chinese. This reduces the carbon footprint in shipping, as well as reducing costs for the client. With less money and time spent shipping the product, we can cut down on the amount of fuel and resources used in transport. Overall, this is a great way we convey our sustainability efforts.

Eco-Friendly Transport Routes

Along with making sustainable business decisions, we encourage our team to shape them into their daily life too. Our team members are motivated to use eco-friendly transport routes, such as cycling to work or using car shares. To make this even more efficient for our staff, we have installed electric chargers to inspire individuals to think sustainably.

Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat in the workplace has allowed us to easily control the temperature of a room at Unimed. By adjusting the heating and cooling from a smartphone, we have the ability to save energy as much as we can. Again, we encourage our team to stay on top of this to implement the importance of what our sustainability efforts are.

Installing Movement-Sensitive Lights

As well as using smart thermostats, we have upgraded to movement-sensitive lights to be as environmentally friendly as we can. This ensures that no lights are left on in an unattended room, and we can pass the message of energy-saving techniques through our company.

We are Becoming More Sustainable Everyday

We are becoming more sustainable every day by educating our team on the ways we can encourage sustainability. We aim to provide quality goods across the world, so naturally, we want to help spread awareness of sustainability efforts and their impact. At Unimed, we look forward to bettering ourselves, our future, and the world now that the question, ‘What are our sustainability efforts?’ is always on our minds.

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