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Preparing for Medical Supply Shortages Throughout Winter

With the rise of freight expenses, supply shortages and transport complications, we need to act now to prevent future panic.

To stay ahead of the predicted supply shortages and postponement of medical supplies, here’s what’s happening:

Pre-Planning is the Cure for Supply Shortages

The procurement of medical supplies is under immense pressure. There’s a lack of truck drivers, port workers, and more that play a vital role within the industry. Manufacturers are not able to work at their usual responsive turnaround time, and so we have to plan ahead.

Using a new 6-month plan, we’ve been able to work efficiently and effectively with clients to fulfil procurement orders in advance. For example, during the summer, we planned for this winter, and this autumn, we are planning deliveries for next spring. This allows time to communicate with manufacturers and work closely with clients on providing medical supplies in advance. Pre-planning helps avoid any obstacles further down the line.

Locking in Procurement Pricing

Along with pre-planning comes the advantage of locking in procurement prices before they rise. As the pressure on procurement grows, along with transport complications and delays, products are likely to increase in price due to height and demand. Vaccine supply shortages will increase for countries that struggle to invest extra money into the devastation of COVID-19, which is something we have to provide support with.

By ordering in advance, it’s incredibly cost-effective and beneficial for any business. All of those involved, including the client, will save money by locking in the prices of procurement services before they reach new heights.

Consider Freight Pricing and Forecasting

A major part of preparing for medical supply shortages throughout the winter is considering freight pricing. Due to port congestion and lack of capacity for sea freight, in particular, transporting products from one area to another has become more challenging than ever before. However, we are working endlessly around this to obtain the high-standard procurement of medical supplies.

We can work with any preferred incoterms whilst providing tracking up until delivery to our clients. With our network of internationally reputable shipping agents and freight forwarders, Unimed has plenty of options for getting the right product to you at the right time.

If you’re unsure of your forecasting statistics, we have years of experience to provide you with a helping hand. Just as our mission is to increase access to healthcare products globally, you’re part of shaping a healthier world.

Please contact us today to be proactive about procurement and plan in advance of supply shortages.

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