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2022 New Year’s Resolutions at Unimed

Having year-round best practices is important to the Unimed team and our partners. With supplying medical equipment and more, the reliability and quality of products are of utmost importance to the role we play in worldwide healthcare. Therefore, we are using 2022 New Year’s resolutions to ensure we emphasise company methods and encourage standards that excel past previous procurement triumphs.

Since 2020, we have provided lifesaving medical supplies globally in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have used our presence in strategic locations to deliver coveralls, heavy-duty gloves, masks and face shields to countries across the world. The dedication Unimed has to pulling the population through the continued pandemic doesn’t stop here.

2022 New Year's Resolutions Begin With Accessibility

Over 23 countries have received Unimed medical supplies, which pushes the boundaries of healthcare access to those in less-developed areas. As we provide products through any incoterms, there are more opportunities for supplies to be transported to necessary locations.

With this being said, in 2022 Unimed will strive to be present to other countries that need our resources and healthcare equipment. No request is too small or large, as we adapt to make items such as medical consumables, laboratory reagents, and more, accessible to those that require medical help. This includes aid agencies, public-facing organisations, universities and beyond.

Adapt to the Times

Just as everyone adapted to wearing masks and committing to Covid-19 precautions, we are a business that is constantly adapting to the current times. Within the company 2022 New Year’s resolutions, a prominent goal is to consider and assess present healthcare needs.

Of course, this includes natural disasters and hospital care in areas that are suffering from a lack of medical products. When the 2019 Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique, the city of more than 500,000 residents had to scramble for medical attention. Unimed medical supplies are a strong, helping hand in situations such as these, which is why we must always adapt to the times.

Be Sustainable Now to Impact the Future

Climate change and business strategy should go hand-in-hand. Being sustainable now is a decision that will impact the future. It must be done, which is why, at Unimed, we are ensuring we stick to sustainable practices within our offices. As much as public bodies and government officials discuss the future of climate change, it starts now. Here are a few of our sustainability efforts that will be carried into 2022:

  • Localising procurement

  • Eco-friendly transport routes

  • Installing movement-sensitive lights

  • Upgrading to a smart thermostat

This year, we’re looking forward to analysing climate change and business strategy to further improve Unimed’s practices and continue striving to be as sustainable as possible.

Overall, these are just several points of how we want to grow as a company (ethically and practically). As 2022 continues, we will highlight new and upcoming healthcare needs to ensure Unimed can increase the accessibility to healthcare on an even larger scale than previous years.

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