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The Role of Procurement: Israel-Hamas War Comment

Leading humanitarian expert Shameet Thakkar comments on the vital role of procurement in supporting humanitarian crises in light of the issues stemming from the Israel-Hamas war. 

"As the heartbreaking events in the Israel-Hamas war continue to unfold, we are seeing significant issues in the delivery of humanitarian aid in Gaza – and the potential repercussions could be severe. 

“But as hard as it is to witness, we simply can't look away. Right now, the biggest issues facing the region are the provision of essential supplies. Each day we are receiving alarming reports out of the region regarding restrictions on the entry of food, fuel, water and other vital commodities. Only a small number of trucks carrying these resources have been able to enter Gaza, which makes dealing with the humanitarian needs of affected populations even more difficult.  

"At times like this there are a range of organisations that become involved in sourcing and delivering the supplies which are needed to provide the vital humanitarian relief which men, women and children require.  

“At the moment, NGOs involved in providing humanitarian relief need a helping hand to find better ways of safeguarding the innocent people - on all sides - being caught up in this conflict, and procurement specialists play a key role as they help ensure the timely delivery of goods and services. 

“When lack of funding becomes an issue, procurement professionals can also strive to obtain the very best value for money, and can negotiate the most favourable deals while ensuring products meet the required quality standards.  

“Effective procurement can significantly impact the success of humanitarian efforts, also playing a role in supporting the long-term recovery of populations in post-crisis situations, another crucial – yet often overlooked – aspect of humanitarian aid. It will be key to the relief process in the Middle East now and long into the future.” 


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