Why Unimed Procurement Services

Unimed Procurement Services

Why our Clients Partner with us

UPSL is ready to work with you on your requirements as and when they arrive. UPSL has a dedicated team who will quickly source and negotiate terms on your product requests.

  • UPSL focuses its attention on quality. UPSL assures you of the quality of products within its supply chain.
  • UPSL has the ability to source laboratory reagents in bulk and break them into smaller sizes as per your requests.
  • UPSL can work with you to further your interests in the developing world. UPSL has been focussed on supplying Ministries of Health across the developing world for over 35 years and UPSL understands how to create relationships and deliver results.
  • With existing contracts in place, UPSL can offer you economies of scale when that given the chance to quote. UPSL’s pricing will be highly competitive and attractive at all times.
Dental Product Supplier
  • Quality Assurance

    UPSL has the capability to ensure the highest quality of healthcare and laboratory products are procured at the right prices. With a solid foundation, UPSL is able to implement any additional QA Requirement that may come from any client.

  • Flexibility

    UPSL is a dynamic UK based SME with the ability and the willingness to invest to meet the requirement of its clients. Additionally, as demonstrated by the list of products and the different projects managed in countries, UPSL has the flexibility to build a business model according to the requirements of its clients.

  • Simplicity

    UPSL maintains a lean organisation with simplified reporting lines. This lean organisational structure gives UPSL the ability to work efficiently and allows for quick decisions to be made when required.