What we Supply

What we Supply

We don’t undertake the role of a manufacturer. This independence allows us to procure high quality products at the lowest possible affordable and sustainable prices and ensure excellent quality through our divergent procedures and by partnering with reliable, ethical and professional manufacturers.

We are in a continuous dialogue with our partners each of whom goes through a thorough verification and due diligence process to ensure compliance with our high standards and Good Distribution Practice.

Our high quality processes ensure that the products and services supplied correspond to the quality threshold, we give assurance of to our customers of.

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The core products supplied include:

Pharmaceutical drugs and laboratory reagents

Medical consumables and surgical items

Medical equipment

Medical & Dental Supplies

Laboratory Consumables

X ray and Dental products

Other Healthcare related products

healthcare and laboratory industry

The healthcare and laboratory industry is constantly evolving, with new products being developed and distributed rapidly. Innovation and efficiency is the key to continued success, and UPSL’s Sourcing & Procurement Division in the UK, India, China and Africa ensure their continued success by working closely with industry influencers.

clinical medical laboratory

The Sourcing & Procurement Division allows UPSL to source and procure quality healthcare and laboratory commodities at the right price.

The Sourcing & Procurement Division is divided by two sub categories:

  • Pharmaceutical Sourcing & Procurement (PSP Division)
  • Non-Pharmaceutical healthcare and laboratory Sourcing & Procurement (NPSP Division).

Both the PSP & NPSP divisions are tasked with sourcing and procuring the products requested by all clients. The divisions actively look for suppliers around the world. If the product is sourced in India, China or Africa, the procurement division at the headquarters will pass the request to the International Centers.

These centers will work with the manufacturers directly to have these products manufactured, consolidated and delivered at the right price. For products sourced outside of India and China and Africa, the UK Headquarters works directly with the manufacturer.

Lab and Product Testing Analysis:

Where required UPSL can also provide other services including further compliance searches and make physical visits for lab and product testing etc.

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