Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance, Policies and Compliance

UPSL believes in 3 areas of excellence to achieve success; People, Processes and Systems. All people within UPSL are well trained to ensure compliance to GDP. All systems and processes are robust to ensure GDP guidelines are conformed to. UPSL’s strongest asset is its people, who have years of experience in the procurement of quality healthcare supplies.

Quality Assurance Products

All of our business processes are carried out under our stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS). All processes and SOPS are reviewed on a regular basis. All staff are trained on our SOPS and regularly visit clients and suppliers to ensure Best Practice within our Business Processes.

We have a Quality Assurance team in house with a Responsible person and also use the services of external consultants to ensure that processes are regularly reviewed independently.

Our QA Department has developed its strategic goals based on the WHO MQAS Guidelines. The following strategic goals are the focus for the department:

  • Selection and qualification of reliable suppliers of quality products that meet our stringent requirements;
  • Procurement of the most cost-effective products in the right quantities;
  • Timely delivery;
  • Achievement of the lowest possible total cost.

UPSL adheres to Good Distribution Practice and all staff are trained to follow Good Distribution Practice to ensure compliance with MHRA, ISO and UPSL internal SOPs.

Quality is assessed and controlled at all levels including Premises, Systems, Staff, supplier and Customer verification and due diligence.

Continuous Improvement:
  • UPSL has a culture based on Continuous Improvement.
  • CI is an ongoing process carried out by every department and process within the business. Our program seeks to continually improve performance in terms of our procurement, selection and distribution processes. This includes the selection of ethical and professional partners from whom we procure our products through to the quality of products supplied to our clients in conjunction with approved Incoterms. These processes include reviewing feedback from our partners, clients, and staff.
  • UPSL’s CI program includes regular reviews and training sessions with external consultants resulting in efficient and effective internal SOPs that are compliant with MHRA and WHO MQUAS guidelines.