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Why We Implement the World Humanitarian Day Message All Year Round

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

The World Humanitarian Day message is relevant 365 days a year, even though it’s usually celebrated every August. At Unimed, we use its purpose within everything we do, and we’re here to help you understand the importance of World Humanitarian Day so that you can raise awareness with us.

What Does World Humanitarian Day Mean?

Globally recognised by organisations such as WHO and UNICEF, World Humanitarian Day celebrates people helping people. This stems from those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes by giving their all to help people in need, and those who still risk their lives now. The World Humanitarian Day message brings countries together in respecting and supporting individuals that give their all to aiding others.

It was originally created by the UN in 2009, to pay tribute to the day that their Iraq headquarters were bombed. What was a tragic event has turned into a day of solidarity, positive wellbeing and togetherness.

What is the Message of World Humanitarian Day?

Each year, a different theme is dedicated to World Humanitarian Day. Each message is pushed out globally to raise public awareness of aid workers and humanitarians across the nations. In 2021, the UN has chosen a theme of climate change, which is an extremely meaningful message that the world’s leaders need to hear.

As we all know, our planet is experiencing sporadic and dangerous weather changes. These include floods in Germany, fires in Canada and the US, as well as heat waves across the United Kingdom. Climate change is a serious threat, which is why we support World Humanitarian Day every day of the year.

Sustainability isn’t just for leaders of our nations; it’s for us too. Whenever you switch a light off or recycle your waste, you’re helping to fight back against climate change. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, you’re part of the bigger picture. Our sustainability efforts at Unimed help our team to implement 2021’s World Humanitarian Day message throughout our workplace environment, offices and procurement services.

What You Can Do to Support World Humanitarian Day

To help support World Humanitarian Day, you can read more about it on their website. As each year has a different theme, there are usually fun challenges you can participate in to raise awareness of aid workers and humanitarians of the past, present and future. There’s also information on how you can provide support and highlight the essential work of humanitarians all year round.

At Unimed, we considerably honour and appreciate the work carried out by humanitarians across the world, as they are true heroes in the battle for a healthier world.

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