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The Importance of new Medical Technologies for Families

WHO estimates that worldwide, 2 billion people have no access to essential medicines or new medical technologies. With a staggering number of children and families included, there is a limit on how many have access to these essential products. The Unimed mission is to reach beyond this limit and grant global access to technologies and equipment that can improve the healthcare of those who need it most.

Medical equipment and technologies can be a difference between life or death, especially when it comes to child mortality rates. This is a medical issue that cannot be ignored, which is why we should keep costs low and healthcare high. However, since the introduction to Covid-19, there has been an ever-growing struggle for families across nations. This statement from WHO reads:

“Up to 90% of all households incurring impoverishing out-of-pocket health spending are already at or below the poverty line - underscoring the need to exempt poor people from out-of-pocket health spending, backing such measures with health financing policies that enable good intentions to be realised in practice.”

New medical technologies and accessibility to medicines shouldn’t be a choice between being financially stable or unable to afford livelihood. There is nothing more priceless than a person’s health.

How Have New Medical Technologies Evolved?

A range of medical advances in the last 20 years proves that the world has evolved in creating and sourcing essential medical equipment. Here are some of the top examples of leaps that have been taken surrounding medical technologies and treatment:

Families depend on technology development to see them through medical challenges, physical and mental. Not only do technological advances perform life-changing analyses on patients, but they create a miracle for those who truly need it. When a family member falls unwell, there’s a ripple effect on who’s touched by their suffering. By sourcing communities with medical equipment to support these technological advances, Unimed can provide healthcare solutions for those who need them.

As well as upcoming medical advances, technologies also include the likes of defibrillators, EKG/ECG machines and more. Unimed can source and supply these to you, no matter your location. Family health is extremely important to us, so we ensure that we have passionate manufacturers and suppliers that will create impeccable medical equipment.

Family Protection From Covid-19 and Other Variants

Other medical advances in the last 20 years include the ability to restrict the harm of Covid-19 (and other variants). Medical equipment and consumables, such as CPAP helmets and vaccines, are in demand more than ever before. As the battle against the variants continues, Unimed has provided families with over 15 million nitrile gloves, 25 million medical face masks and more.

With our headquarters based in the U.K, we have immediate access to European countries that require medical technologies, equipment and products. However, having other offices in locations such as Cape Town, Mumbai, Shanghai and more allows our company to reach over 23 countries and counting.

What You can Do to Increase Access to new Medical Technologies

It’s our job to provide healthcare products and equipment, but the procurement industry needs you to help increase access to new medical technologies. To do so, get involved by signing electronic campaigns, talking on social media and spreading the word! New technologies become available when it’s needed - what does your family need?

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