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Responding to Humanitarian Crises

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

As the world continues to experience a pandemic, natural disasters triggered by climate change, armed conflicts and other complex emergencies, the need for humanitarian aid and relief grows. Although governments, charities, organisations and volunteers are working tirelessly to support aid efforts, there is still more to be done.

The United Nations estimates that 274 million people will require humanitarian assistance and protection in 2022 which is an increase from the previous year. To deliver assistance to 183 million of the most vulnerable people, the UN and partner organizations will need $41 billion.

What Falls Under Humanitarian Aid?

Humanitarian aid revolves around saving lives and alleviating the suffering of those in crisis. The delivery of humanitarian aid and relief can take many forms, including and not limited to:

● Disaster relief

● Medical care

● Food and water aid

● Children’s aid

● Shelter

At Unimed, we aim to contribute to international aid efforts by procuring quality medical supplies and delivering them to those that need them most, in the most effective and efficient manner.

The Principles of Humanitarian Aid

According to the European Commission and other organisations, the delivery of humanitarian aid is rooted in four core principles. These are:

Humanity - Prioritising the most vulnerable, human suffering must be addressed wherever it is found.

Neutrality - There must be no favouring of a side of armed conflict or any other dispute.

Impartiality - Without discrimination, humanitarian aid must be provided based on need.

Independence - The autonomy of humanitarian objectives from economic, political, military or other objectives.

These principles are of utmost importance to Unimed, as we strive to be a company that creates an impact in all our activities. Unimed believes in affordable and Quality Healthcare for All and we work with responsible, international manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that medical products are delivered to countries all over the world even during crises.

Responding to Health Emergencies

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be one of the most challenging global health emergencies of our time. Coordinated efforts between governments, organizations, manufacturers and other important actors have resulted in a successful response to the pandemic. Unimed has contributed to global efforts to manage the pandemic by delivering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), masks and face shields, coveralls, heavy-duty gloves, to over 23 countries. To support nationwide vaccination programs, Unimed has also supplied Low Dead Volume (LDV) syringes. Read more here.

Unimed is constantly collaborating with partners to transport medical supplies and products to those in a state of emergency. The application process is swift and reliable, as we act responsively to ensure fast delivery. Furthermore, our flexibility and ability to plan ahead allow us to be prepared for any health emergency or crises.

Please contact us to enquire about products and services, as well as partnering with Unimed as a supplier.

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