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How Medical Procurement Contributes to Global Health Missions

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

To protect people in different regions, government bodies and charities need to have regular access to medical goods. Medical procurement is the answer to many global health missions, as countries rely on the transportation of lifesaving health products to push towards universal health coverage and a world without medical barriers. Major international organizations and health financing organizations such as UNICEF and The Global Fund rely on procurement companies to facilitate the supply of life-saving essential pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and other health products to countries.

Medical procurement revolves around the efficient and affordable transport of life-saving pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment, laboratory reagents and more to countries worldwide. The need is often a response to humanitarian crises such as dangerous outbreaks, warfare and pandemics. Here is how medical procurement contributes to global health missions:

Products are Provided in Advance

Efficient procurement in the healthcare industry ensures that research developers, universities and beyond can be provided with medical products in advance. For example, Unimed has provided over 65 million medical face masks since the start of the pandemic. This is because many businesses now bulk-order medical products in contribution to keeping people safe from COVID-19 variations. Not only does this encourage nations to be prepared, but it prevents high wastage of products due to the strategic approach. Read more about the future of global healthcare in 2022 here.

Procurement in the Healthcare Industry is in Demand

No matter the most recent news or global phenomenon, procurement in the healthcare industry is constantly needed. For example, products such as defibrillators and ventilators are required for thousands of people each day. Hospitals and research institutes rely on the transportation of medical goods to be able to actively move towards healthcare triumphs. The demand for procurement is consistent, which is why Unimed strives to support businesses in their request for medical products.

In addition, how many countries don’t have universal healthcare? Currently, the number stands at around 43 countries that do not have access to essential health services without the consequence of financial hardship. This is why charitable organisations and humanitarian response agencies are key partners of Unimed, as we want to provide equal access to health products for all.

Representatives of the Procurement Industry are Motivated

Procurement professionals of the here and now, as well as those to come, are motivated by the mission to provide healthcare for all. Medical products are essential to daily lives, and our generations are constantly prepared for this. For example, the Unimed offices are located in a variety of locations, including the UK and Shanghai. This gives us instant access to local manufacturers, with whom we have a strong relationship.

Humanitarian crises such as the Haiti earthquakes, flash floods in Indonesia and the spread of COVID-19 motivate medical procurement professionals to stand up and help. Unimed is an active contributor to situations such as these that require medical equipment to survive. Not only this but non-life-threatening situations that require medical procurement too, such as dentistry and research.

Medical procurement contributes to global health missions daily, as many countries rely on companies such as Unimed for life-saving equipment.

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