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5 Reasons Why You Should Source Medical Products With a Procurement Agent

If you’re looking to source medical products, efficiency and reliability are at the forefront of the mission. Rather than investing extended amounts of time into directly purchasing medical consumables, equipment and any other resources, it’s much more beneficial to trust a procurement agent.

Knowing the importance of procurement is just the beginning of understanding why many companies use a procurer to acquire the products they need. As highlighted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), medical essentials ‘are selected with due regard to disease prevalence and public health relevance, evidence of efficacy and safety and comparative cost-effectiveness’. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a constant source of medical products. This is where Unimed comes in.

Procurement Agents Source Medical Products With You in Mind

Medical procurement standards are the best of the best. With lives and well being involved, medical procurement agents have to put people first. At Unimed, our mission is to give universal access to medicines worldwide, as we’re all entitled to a healthy life. Whatever health product is required, Unimed has the capability to source and deliver.

The importance of procurement is ever-growing. The more we’re exposed to viruses, such as COVID-19, the higher the pressure on governments, pharmacies and other organisations. You deserve to have hassle-free, people-first medicines available at your fingertips without a second to spare. That’s why procurement suppliers go above and beyond to attend to your delivery expectations, irreplaceable standards of services, and work to your incoterms.

We Do the Research for You

The Unimed team has many years of professional experience working with manufacturers and suppliers within the healthcare industry. Instead of spending your time scrolling through pages of web enquiries, tell us what you need and we will source it for you. To ensure your procurement needs are met, here’s an insight into how we work with you:

  • Receipt of requirement - let us know your requirement, and a team member will take care of it.

  • Verification - before verifying your request, we will discuss the Unimed guidelines with you and confirm the process before going forward.

  • Process - Our Unimed experts liaise with operating officers to determine the most cost-effective method for you.

  • Supply and delivery - Working directly with our manufacturers, we’ll confirm the method of supply and delivery for your order.

Support Local Businesses

Procurement agents should be strategically planning to support local businesses, as well as having the flexibility of delivering to any region. For your convenience, we have developed five core offices around the world: London, Shanghai, Cape Town, Mumbai, and Dubai.

To be as accessible as possible for sourcing medical products to you, Unimed offices allow us the opportunity to partner with local businesses. Not only does this give them needed support, but it means we can take care of our manufacturers and suppliers (as well as those we’re delivering to).

Quality Comes First

As it should, quality is a top priority for procurement agents. At Unimed, we would never provide our partners with goods that aren’t the best that money can buy. Medical product standards should never be jeopardised, which is why our Quality Assurance team ensures that the rigorous process of product and supplier selection are in adherence to defined international standards and regulatory requirements. You can read more about our quality standards here.

Simplicity is Key

By pursuing medical resources through a procurement agent, the winding process cuts down to simplicity. You take out any unnecessary risks and hurdles by putting faith into professionals that know the ins and outs of the industry. This also comes down to transparency, which is incredibly important when working with a procurer. All of the costs, agreements and negotiations need to be conducted as transparently as possible, which makes everything far more simple.

Procurement agents are the future, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

Have a question about our services? Contact us for more information.

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