Logistics & Delivery Department

We respect your preferred Incoterms

Logistics & Delivery Department

We can provide you with quotations for products based on your preferred incoterms and mode of transport.

Our clients are welcome to arrange collection of the order from our depots or the manufacturers warehouses or we can make arrangements for delivery by Sea freight or Airfreight plus any road transport directly to the ultimate consumer.

Where UPSL are contracted to make arrangements for delivery, we follow a stringent process to ensure effective and timely delivery of the consignment where required:


The L&D Team work closely with the manufacturers, clients and with shipping agents to ensure that all goods are received at their intended destination within the agreed time scale.

Where permitted, the L&D Team will initially arrange the consolidation of the goods at an authorized central point in the country of manufacture. By consolidating the goods, UPSL is able to pass on savings to its customers due to reduced shipping costs. Consolidation also assists for the pre-shipment inspection of goods.



Once the goods are inspected and are approved for shipping, the L&D team work to have the goods delivered to the customers.

Along with the timely delivery of goods, the L&D team must ensure that all goods are received safely and in the condition that would be expected. The L&D team work with shipping agents, freight forwarders and local distributors to ensure that the products are kept protected throughout their journey.



Additionally where requested, the L&D team work with local distributors to distribute products into local distribution centers. This involves intricate management of on-theground deliveries to regional in country centers.

Finally, it is essential that the L&D Team are able to track and locate any shipment. We pride ourselves on being able to update our clients as to the location of their deliveries, using our tracking database. Furthermore, when required by customers, the L&D can utilize GPS Data Loggers offer live updates to clients.