How We Do Business

The procurement cycle at UPSL goes through 4 phases before the product is delivered to clients. The phases are described as below:

Receipt of Requirement

Client communicates requirements with a single point of contact within the UPSL Client Contact Team. Having a single point of contact allows the client to ensure that their requests are quickly handled.


The nominated UPSL Point of Contact works to support the client to understand their exact requirements, often this can include specification support, national drug regulatory alignment etc. Following finalization of the requirements, the UPSL Client Contact Team will pass on the request to the relevant procurement team.


Upon analysis of the product request, the procurement team will liaise with the Indian, Chinese and Africa centers to determine the appropriate method of procurement of this product.

Supply and Delivery

Once the product has been sourced and consolidated at UPSL approved sites, the UPSL Logistics & Delivery Team will work with the manufacturers and our clients to ensure the successful delivery of the product.

Our clients are kept updated throughout the process.