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About Us

Unimed Procurement Services Limited (UPSL) are a leading procurement agent and a supplier of healthcare and laboratory commodities to the developing world.

UPSL’s strategy has been focused on supplying quality goods to the developing world. UPSL works closely with Ministries of Health, medical stores, aid agencies and prime contractors across Africa and Asia to deliver goods to those most in need.

Registered in the United Kingdom with teams in China, India, Dubai and South Africa. UPSL is a well trusted and highly experienced organization with great knowledge of working in challenging environments.

Developing strong relationships and understanding client’s requirements we have successfully supplied over 4000 tons of medical supplies in the last decade.

UPSL’s headquarters and warehouse are centrally located in Leicester, United Kingdom to enable all aspects of company administration, product consolidation and distribution.

manufacturer of medical equipment

The headquarters are divided into the following departments:

  • companies that sell medical supplies
  • healthcare equipment manufacturers
  • Medical Product Suppliers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Professional Medical Supplies

Our Presence

Having an International presence has been very important to the growth of UPSL.We have worked with local partners to develop three independent international procurement and distribution centers located in the key strategic cities of Mumbai, Shanghai and Cape Town and Dubai.

Head Office of UPSL in UK

UK Head Office

UPSL’s headquarters and warehouse are centrally located in Leicester, United Kingdom. All aspects of company administration, product consolidation and distribution are managed from here.

UPSL center in Shanghai

Shanghai center

China as a country is developing its quality manufacturing of pharmaceutical products as well as other non-pharmaceutical products e.g. medical consumables, medical furniture, medical equipment, laboratory equipment and laboratory reagents.

The Shanghai center is well equipped to be able to evaluate the quality and performance of prospective and approved manufacturers and work with them to ensure products are manufactured and dispatched on time.

UPSL center in Cape Town

Cape Town center

Having a presence in Africa has been extremely important for UPSL’s strategy. South Africa is a model country for Africa and as a pharmaceutical market it is extremely large and highly regulated.

To ensure maximum penetration in Africa, UPSL has teamed up with a local partner to register and distribute several pharmaceutical products and active pharmaceutical ingredients to the South African Market.

UPSL center in Mumbai

Mumbai Center

Trading capital of the World’s pharmaceutical manufacturing hub of India. This office offers UPSL access to the very highest quality of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products, testing kits, laboratory equipment and laboratory reagents.

UPSL center in Dubai Center

Dubai Center

UPSL’s international presence includes an office in Dubai to enable us to provide further procurement assistance to our client base.

Our Mission

To become the leading Procurement agent and Supplier of Healthcare and Laboratory Products to the developing world whilst retaining our strong ethics, professionalism and Good Distribution Practice.